Sunday, June 20, 2010

He's at it again!

The exalted one of inexpensive prepping and survival is giving away a case of 1,000 rds of 124 grain 9mm donated by luckygunner . I've only begun to learn how to post on my blog but I'm a faithful daily follower of brother Creedmore. Luckily the 5 of us kids were raised on a small farm in central Illinois by a single mother on a nurses pay. Needless to say we learned alot about survival dragging home anything we could manage to catch and kill. But M.D. has brought back alot of memories that were forgotten or miss filed. So besides wanted to tell both of my followers to check out Survivalist blog but also thank M.D. for the daily email and great input . As soon as I figure out how to link things to my blog it should start getting a little more entertaining.


  1. I think we can probably learn a lot from those forgotten memories!

    If nothing else, it tells us just how lucky we were and are still!

  2. Hey Bro just did find ya.I got ya linked to mine.